Say Yes to Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful activity to keep our muscles working and stretching but it also helps to relieve stress and calm our minds.

Research has shown that yoga can have positive outcomes across an amazing array of measures. Physically, yoga can improve our balance, our mobility and our cardiometabolic health. Psychological benefits can include improved cognition and sleep quality as well as reductions in depression and anxiety.

Say Yes to Yoga

Yoga for positive ageing

Generally, with age we begin to lose flexibility but yoga helps us to maintain the muscle strength we have and continue to add more. Osteoporosis can also occur in ageing but yoga can gradually increase bone density and improve balance.

Research has shown that lunge poses like Warrior, Warrior II and Side Angle Pose help build hip and leg strength and balancing poses like Crane, Tree and Warrior III help protect against falls that can cause fractures in brittle-bones.

However, we do have to be careful and gentle if we are already suffering from fragile bones: introducing yoga gradually can allow our bodies to adapt to certain stretches and twists.

Best of all, yoga is accessible! YouTube tutorials for beginners mean we can begin learning from the comfort of our own home, or we can make it a more social activity by going out to local classes.


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