To feel good about ourselves, we need to offer some form of kindness to others. We can enhance someone else’s day just by smiling at them. There are countless ways to show care and consideration. Sometimes we can help in practical ways. Sometimes listening or sharing a moment of tenderness is the perfect way to show kindness.

Our own well-being depends on helping others. This has nothing to do with belief or moral virtue. It’s simply the case that people who feel they have something to give are the people who feel happier.

Buddhist lessons we can all learn

Buddhist lessons we can all learn “Buddhist practices can contribute to positive ageing” according to Kenneth Gergen who is the co-author of “Horizons in Buddhist Psychology”. Through simple breathing exercises and other practices of mindfulness and meditation, we can respond to the challenges of growing older with composure, balance and clarity.

A Sense of purpose

A Sense of purpose On the Japanese island of Okinawa, the community’s mantra is ‘ikigai’ meaning a sense of purpose. They believe ‘ikigai’ is key to extending your lifespan as well as living a better life. There is also great research into this. An eleven year study followed healthy people

Giving and receiving

Giving and receiving Maintaining relationships is important at every age but, as people grow older, they may find it harder to access a social life and engage with others. Research tells us that older people generally have smaller social networks and their interactions may be mainly with family members. Older