The green and the blue

The green and the blue Daily contact with nature improves the wellbeing of older people. Research conducted by the University of Minnesota found that ‘green and blue spaces are especially beneficial for healthy ageing in seniors’. These outdoor spaces promoted feelings of ‘renewal, restoration and spiritual connectedness’. Jessica Finaly researched

Accentuate the positive

Accentuate the positive   By thinking positively, you are not only improving your outlook on life, but also your physical health. Research has shown that your mental and emotional health improves with age through a bigger focus on positivity. Psychologist Laura Carstensen calls this ‘socioemotional selectivity theory’. People growing older

Buddhist lessons we can all learn

Buddhist lessons we can all learn “Buddhist practices can contribute to positive ageing” according to Kenneth Gergen who is the co-author of “Horizons in Buddhist Psychology”. Through simple breathing exercises and other practices of mindfulness and meditation, we can respond to the challenges of growing older with composure, balance and clarity.