Part 1

begins with a chapter about what was happening in my family before I was born. The next chapter describes my birth, which was a difficult experience for all concerned. The last chapters in Part 1 are about the long and sometimes difficult transition from adolescence into adulthood.

Part 2

covers the time from my 20s into my 50s. Just like Part 1, there were joys and sorrows. I pursued my career. I lived through the wonders of being in love and the pain of breaking up. Part 2 was about trying to be someone and then dealing with the transition into midlife.

Story of my life - Older we grow

Part 3 

what will I write for this phase of my life? It’s too early to say. I guess the last chapters will be about the end of my life and perhaps what I leave behind. But there’s a lot of living to do first. There will be difficult challenges and new transitions, just as there were in Parts 1 and 2. I appreciate people who seem to grow older with unending curiosity, humour and purpose. How do they manage to stay so positive?

I’m going to try to find out…