Most of us would like to have more money. Many of us worry about money. Some of us are truly struggling to make ends meet. We cannot choose to be rich. But we might be able to find ways to live more positively within the limits or our own resources.

When we were younger, we may have hoped or even believed that we would become wealthy one day. One of the challenges of growing older might be a realisation that this will never happen.

Our challenge is to manage our money in ways that help us to enjoy more and worry less. To do this we may have to adapt our spending so that we focus on things that matter more but cost less.

Work in progress

Work in progress Is it better to retire or continue working? Research tells us that both can be beneficial. One study showed that those who worked in ‘mentally-demanding jobs had better cognitive functioning prior to retirement and a slower decline in cognitive ability post-retirement’. By remaining in work whilst still