Most of us function better if we have some shape or structure in our daily or weekly life. In earlier phases, our routines may have been shaped by external institutions that provided education and then employment. In the third phase of life, we may need to find ways of creating our own sense of structure so that our daily or weekly activities have a composition that we find familiar and reassuring.

Some people need a lot of structure, while others like to keep a degree of spontaneity and unpredictability in their typical week. But structure gives us a sense of order.

Without this, life can seem too random and chaotic.

The green and the blue

The green and the blue Daily contact with nature improves the wellbeing of older people. Research conducted by the University of Minnesota found that ‘green and blue spaces are especially beneficial for healthy ageing in seniors’. These outdoor spaces promoted feelings of ‘renewal, restoration and spiritual connectedness’. Jessica Finaly researched

Work in progress

Work in progress Is it better to retire or continue working? Research tells us that both can be beneficial. One study showed that those who worked in ‘mentally-demanding jobs had better cognitive functioning prior to retirement and a slower decline in cognitive ability post-retirement’. By remaining in work whilst still